About UCP of Washington DC & Northern VA.


United Cerebral Palsy of Washington DC & Northern VA. (UCP) is a 501©(3) non-profit organization that offers an array of day supports and services for people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and complex medical profiles, in the Washington metropolitan area.

From grassroots beginnings, United Cerebral Palsy was born as a national organization in 1949. In 1950, a small group of dedicated citizens of the District of Columbia founded the Cerebral Palsy Association of Washington D.C. with a mission to educate citizens of the District about the causes and treatment of Cerebral Palsy while promoting the creation of facilities that were better equipped to diagnose and treat sufferers of the condition. The Cerebral Palsy Association of Washington, D.C. later joined the national affiliate network and changed its name to United Cerebral Palsy of Washington D.C., Incorporated. In 1987, United Cerebral Palsy of Washington D.C. Inc. underwent another reformation after receiving a certificate of merger and becoming United Cerebral Palsy of Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, Inc.


The history of United Cerebral Palsy of Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia is not unlike that of other stories as several UCP affiliates opened across the country after 1949 and helped to establish the organization as a mainstay among agencies serving persons with disabilities. Since its inception, UCP has led the charge in bringing issues about cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities to the forefront of the national media.

Basics for Affiliation:

  • 501(c)(3) charity, non-profit corporation
  • Mission that supports the UCP mission
  • Provide a range of services for people with disabilities, including Information & Referral and Advocacy
  • Realize the benefit of using the United Cerebral Palsy name and brand in your community
  • Establish a Board of Directors that supports affiliation with a national organization
  • Have a business plan to identify key service or program areas and a budget to support the services
  • Identify funding streams that would support the operations; have sufficient upfront capital to fund agency expenses for at least six months.

Today, UCP affiliates provide services such as housing, physical therapy, assistive technology training, early intervention services, individual and family support, social and recreational programs, community living, state and local referrals, employment, employment assistance and advocacy.

UCP of Washington D.C. & Northern VA currently provides 3 service delivery options; Small Individualized Center-based Day Supports, Individualized Day Supports and Community Access Supports. Day support is intended to provide a range of social, physical, educational and recreational activities for adults whose disabilities prevent them from participating in other training or work programs. These personalized services focus on the adoption of new and innovative approaches to service delivery through person-centered connections. Our ultimate goal is to provide invisible supports so that the person is identified first as a member of the community and a citizen rather than as someone with a disability. UCP embraces personal futures planning for all individuals irrespective of disability classification. The objective is to empower all individuals receiving services to move beyond traditional facility-based service delivery systems to more person-centered and community-based service delivery models.

UCP of Washington DC & Northern VA’s vision for each person we support is to partner with their families and others in the community to work toward a clear vision for the future. We believe that people with disabilities should have every resource necessary to learn, grow and thrive in their community – which fully embraces them as valued and contributing members of society.

UCP of Washington DC & Northern VA serves adults with disabilities—adults who have cerebral palsy, autism, and Down’s syndrome, through day services and supports to include Individualized day supports, Community Access supports, Center-based supports and Saturday Community Leisure. UCP of Washington DC & Northern VA. provides information and referral services in Virginia only at this time.

UCP of Washington DC & Northern VA’s mission is to advance the independence, productivity and quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families. UCP strives to provide opportunities for all people with disabilities. In doing so, we take pride in our staff of highly qualified professionals comprised of registered nurses, case managers, physical and occupational therapists, behavioral specialists, speech pathologists, direct care professionals and nutritionists. Our team of motivated professionals employs an integrative and holistic approach to service delivery. Psychologists and other medical specialists are consulted as needed. People in all program areas are assessed at regular intervals to measure progress and needs. All UCP programs have successfully passed the Provider Certification Review.

Members of our Board of Directors are listed on the Leadership page of this website. They provide the corporate governance of United Cerebral Palsy of Washington DC & Northern VA. Our management team provides leadership for the day-to-day operations of UCP.