Community Day Programs

Centered-Based Supports & Services:

UCP’s center-based program specializes in serving persons with serious ongoing illness or a chronic health condition that requires daily monitoring and ongoing medical treatments and may include the routine use of a medical device or assistive technology. Service design is based on the needs, desires, and expectations of the person served and includes consideration of age, medical acuity, medical stability, impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions, psychological status, behavioral status, cultural diversity, family/caregivers, and long-term outcomes expectations.


Individualized Day Supports:

Person centered thinking is a philosophy behind IDS service provision that supports positive self control, and self direction of people’s own lives. UCP promotes building relationships with non-disabled members of the community to promote community membership, community integration, and choice and control.

  • Highly individualized service with all supports provided in the community
  • Service provided in group of no more than 2 people
  • Maximum up to 6 hours a day, up to five days a week. Not limited to Monday-Friday or any particular 6 hour period of the day.
  • Help a person identify his/her own interests and preferences
  • Help a person make his/her own choices based on information and experience
  • To foster independence
  • To foster community integration
  • To help a person enhance his/her social skills and social relationships
  • Activities that provide opportunities to socialize
  • Leisure activities that provide opportunities for person growth and connecting with others
  • Activities that assist with adult skill development
  • Maximize a person’s capabilities – maintain existing and build new capabilities through service
  • Training in safe use of public transportation
  • To improve performance of Activities of Daily Living
  • To provide life skills training
  • To encourage vocational exploration
  • Activities that assist with adult skill development
  • Training in safe use of public transportation
  • Supports to wrap-around a part-time job – keeping people in community, building skills and relationships, with IDS provider supporting employment as priority #1


UCP’s Individualized Day Supports Services staff will provide the following services:

(a) Highly individualized, structured activities that emphasize social skills development, vocational exploration, and life skills training, within an inclusive community setting;

(b) Activities that maximize the individual’s functional levels;

(c) Activities that support the individual’s choice in identifying his or her own areas of interest and preferences;

(d) Activities that provide opportunities for socialization including leisure activities that enhance adult skill development in the community;

(e) Training in the safe and effective use of one or more modes of accessible public transportation; and

(f) Coordination and provision of transportation to participate in community activities consistent with this service.

Person-centered principles are the framework for planning supports. The ISP meeting is a working meeting that will allow UCP professionals the opportunity to collaborate on the best possible way to meet the needs of the individuals we serve and to develop a more person-centered approach to our service delivery model.

The new service delivery approach will allow UCP’s professionals to customize service delivery based upon the gifts, talents and interests of the individuals served. Every individual receiving supports shall be assigned to a team of UCP support providers (support managers, direct service professions and related services providers-when necessary) responsible for working collaboratively with Service Coordinators, Families, Advocates Guardians and Attorney’s to ensure that the community-based supports are fully accessed to realize the personal and habilitation goals of our individuals.


Community Access Supports & Services:

UCP’s Community Access Supports focuses on the adoption of new and innovative approaches to service delivery through person-centered connections. Our ultimate goal is to provide invisible supports by our Direct Support Professionals (DSP), so that the individual is identified first as a member of the community and citizen rather than someone with a disability. UCP embraces personal futures planning for all individuals irrespective of disability classification. The objective is to empower all individuals receiving services to move beyond traditional in-house facility based service delivery systems to more person-centered and community-based service delivery models.


Community Access Supports Guiding Principles:

  • Indentifying the individuals Gifts and Talents- Preference Assessments.
  • Becoming Familiar with the Community-Accessing Metro Transportation, Washington Humane Society.
  • Embracing Connections- Community Recreation Programs, Swim Programs, Art Realization Technologies.
  • Supporting Relationships with non-disabled peers based on shared interest.
  • Socialization- Building Relationships.
  • Encouraging Opportunities for Pre-Vocational/Vocational Supports and Volunteer Opportunities.

UCP’s person-centered planning process is directed by the person with support needs, and may include a representative whom the person has freely chosen and others chosen by the individual to contribute to the process. Person-centered plans developed through this process include individually identified goals, interest and preferences. The person-centered plan will assist the individual in achieving personally defined outcomes in the most integrated community setting, ensure delivery of services in a manner that reflects personal preferences and choices, and contribute to the assurance of health and welfare.