Supports and Services Contacts

Finance and Billing Services

Kathleen Bjerknes


Center-Based Supports & Services

Clare Holliday- Case Manager

For more information on UCP’s center-based program, please contact Ms. Holliday at or (202) 269-1500


Community Access Supports & Services

Victoria Hill- Case Manager                                                                         Lynn McGee- Case Manager                                                                                  

For more information on UCP’s community access program, please contact Ms. Hill at or (202) 269-1500


Individualized Day Supports (IDS)

Dionne Lewis- Case Manager

For more information on UCP’s IDS program, please contact Ms. Lewis at or (202) 269-1500


Safety & Prevention Services

Robin Gliss- Incident Management Investigator                                     Betty Thompkins- Incident Management Investigator                                                                                


Health Services

Tola Akinmade- Director of Health Services


Nutrition Management

Victoria Williams- Special Diets/Nutrition Manager


Training Coordination

Barbara McClennon- Training Coordinator